Week 30

As the day went on, I felt a strange feeling in my bones. “When did it arrive?” I said to myself, while I was coming up with possible explanations. I got that feeling when the storm began, here in my hometown, vicious winds and wind rain ripped through my small town. Still, I found no reason as to why I felt this way, until I heard the screams from outside my home. Orange light beamed down from the sky and horrendous creatures attack citizens.Then I realized that there was a larger and more dangerous storm brewing then mother nature’s.

Week 27

The trees above stopped any light from seeping through and the ground below soaked their feet as they races through. The criminals could hear the police officers booming voice not far behind. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. they knew couldn’t keep it up long, but as they entered a clearing they saw their only option was to hide behind the trees and circle back around. However the intelligent officer was a step ahead, and waited for them to circle around. Finally the two bank robbers were caught and sentence to prison for years.

100wc Week #24

Is this real? Or is it just a dream? The last memory I have is laying down to take a nap, but here i am sitting in what looks to be a tea cup. Only it’s ten times my size and half of it is under the fresh cut grass. In the distance I can hear the stomping of what sounds like a giant. As the stomps become louder till I have to cover my ears and can feel the ground shaking below me. Suddenly, I feel myself wake up and to the right, Alice in Wonderland is playing.

Week 20

“Where are we going, Mom?” I questioned, as we raced though our hometown in our navy blue mini van.

” It’s a surprise, Honey,” she smiled and looked at me through the mirror. We just passed under the glowing green light and we were moving very fast when the world seemed to stop. The huge red truck was a foot away when in a flash my world went black. The last sound I heard was my mother scream my name and the sirens coming closer.

Week 18

“Why must we stay on this street forever?” Hayden whined to his brother, Ty, and mother, Christina.

“We were cursed and now are permanent occupants of this street,” explained Christina with a delicate voice.

“Our curse would be more manageable if kids didn’t climb on us! I’ve got to admit though that the view we have of Singapore’s capital is very elegant,” gazed Ty, as he looked into town.

“We all love watching the sun set over the town and smelling the floral aroma, which allows us to forget the haughty kids and what they do to us,” beamed Christina.

week 17

Randy, the red snake, was not liable and could never be trusted. When he looked at the clock he noticed he was 5 minutes late and since he had to cycle it would be another 5. Randy’s boss was inconsiderate so on his way to work randy thought of an excuse. When he got there the parking lot was spacious, Randy pedaled to the front and left his bike. His boss presumed that Randy would lie about where he was, he stopped him before he could speak. Randy recuperated and went on with his work and never lied again.

Week 1

In the beginning, we were a normal family, but when unusual events happened, we became “weird”. We tried to restrain from showing our peculiar ways in public. The events started with the accusation of my mother being a witch and my little sister who passed away is supposedly a spirit who came back to haunt the village. Of course, you are probably thinking these are false accusations, unfortunately you are wrong. These are true. My mother is a witch and my sister haunts the town, but me, I am the “weird” one.

Week 5 Audrey

Tiny Timmy Tumbled

Timmy Thompson, 7, was located dead in a pond this morning. Timmy’s friend, Steve, admitted to impelling Timmy to walk close to the pond causing him to fall and land head first into the pond. When talking to Timmy’s mom, Sarah, she said that Timmy openly defied her when she told him not to go with Steve. Sarah told us that Timmy inherited his stubbornness from his father, Greg, which is who she called upon when her son disobeyed her. When Greg reached Timmy he was bewildered by where Timmy might be, until he found his son deceased.

Week 4

My most prized possession is long, narrow, and blue. I use it every day at school and it brings me joy. I must have a piece of paper when I use it. I take it to competitions and I compete with my group. I always put it in a case when I done with it. It comes in many pieces but I use it as a whole. What is it…?

Week 4 (extra credit blog)

I’m borderline blind, so it’s alway a struggle to find my glasses when I wake up in the morning. I was pretty good at it but one day I was feeling around my nightstand trying to find my glasses. They weren’t there, so I got up and slowly walked across my room to get my extra pair of glasses. Once I got them I started to look around my room for my regular pair it wasn’t until my little sister walked in my room that I saw she was carrying our dog and the dog was wearing glasses. MY GLASSES.